High-End A Living Room Look on a Real Life Budget

Choose cushiony seating with legs

West Elm has great neutral upholstery. But most importantly, soft cushions add luxury to the space. And tall legs lift the bulk of the sofa off the floor, making the sofa appear visually lighter. This IKEA one also fits the bill, and is even more affordable. If you can’t afford a new sofa at all, add extra cushions and throw pillows to add extra padding to your existing seating.

Splurge on one thing

A splurge item doesn’t have to be as big as a coffee table to make a high-end impact though. Something you love in a prominent spot in the apartment will do the trick. And if you truly have no budget for a splurge, spend time on a DIY project that will have a big impact.

Take on natural textures

Texture adds depth to a room and including it in their designs is a way that high end designers make their rooms feel more luxe.  Try a oversized fur pillow from West Elm sits on the sofa.  Another inexpensive option from Wayfair is a tall basket, like this one from Wayfair, is great for adding texture and storage to a room.

Hang a big mirror(s)

Mirrors work in apartments of all styles and work for apartments of all sizes. They reflect light, making a room feel larger (and therefore a little more luxurious). And the bigger the mirror, the bigger the impact. But you don’t have to shell out a ton of money on a giant mirror; you can give the appearance of one big mirror from a collage of smaller ones, like these affordable mirrors from IKEA.

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